Saturday, January 3, 2009

Newest Movie Trailers for 2009

With so many good movies coming out in 2009, here are some of the newest movie trailers for 2009.

Fast & Furious 4 (june) - Paul Walker and Vin Diesel reunite in the fourth in the franchise but occupying the number three slot in the series narrative, the movie will take the story back to its very beginnings. The newest trailers for Fast & Furious 4:

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen (June) - The sequel to last year’s surprise hit features more action and transformers. Shia LeBoef return with the astoundingly attractive Megan Fox as Shia’s love interest and the introduction of Soundwave.

The Informant (September) - Matt Damon and Scott Bakula star in a black comedy based on a true story about the world of agribusiness price fixing.

Terminator Salvation (June) - The long-awaited ‘future war’ segment of the Terminator saga. John Connor, charismatic leader of the anti-Skynet forces who the Terminators have been trying to eliminate for the last three films.

Star Trek (May) - J.J. Abrams attempts to reinvigorate the Star Trek franchise with a story set immediately before the action of the first TV series. Expect time travel, transporter accidents and a clever viral marketing campaign.The newest movie trailers for Star Trek:

If you like the newest movie trailers try YouTube. YouTube offers the newest movie trailers of 2009 and 2010.

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